Author Topic: Stock main & jib dimensions? WANTED: 1 control wand, used sails, rudder joystick  (Read 244 times)


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Hello, picked up a project rave, I am looking at options for getting it sailing cheaply. Maybe I will buy new sails once it's dialed in, but for now just want to get it on the water, hopefully this season! :). if anyone has any used sails (ANY CONDITION, even shredded, I would love to buy them)..also looking for a few misc other parts, see below.

Most importantly, can anyone tell me the foot, luff & leach of the stock main & jib?

I was able to find the specs of the screecher, but the dimensions of the stock sails don't seem to be posted anywhere online. Or even names of any sailmakers who have built replacement sails for this boat in the past..

Also, I found an older post where the "nacra" mast was cited as having similar dimension, but there are quite a few nacra boat...and it is unclear which one.. Anyone have any ideas which boat?

From my research it seems the Prindle 16 mast section is very close, looking at possibly getting a Prindle 16 or 18 rig and "square topping" the p18 main, and using a boom for now.

But I am looking into boomless cats and rigs, and putting my feelers out in the beachcat crowd to see if I can find a used set of cheap sails (or complete rig if located in the NW USA) that are somewhat close.

Other than some of the nacras, are there any other common/ older beachcats that are boomless?

The mast section I have is 23'5" roughly, and around 5"x3" cross section, and in good shape. The prindle 16 mast seems to be about 26' and most everything else I can find specs for is taller.  I do have the masthead and base step pieces, but the bottom piece might need some welding, at some point soon, so it would be a bonus if I can find a complete mast and rig and use the mast step from some other cat, and shorten the mast. 

To recap I am looking to buy:

-Stock sails, ANY condition, even ripped
-1 control wand (curved long piece only) ....maybe someone converted to a different setup and has extras?
-possibly other small parts from the top of the foil/control wand mounting hardware parts
-rudder trim joystick, handle only.

I will pay fair value plus shipping & handling.

Thank you very much for any input


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Hi - I have a used stock Rave sail in good order - what country are you in as I suspect it may cost to much to ship from NZ.
Otherwise consider buying a taller mast with a larger sail area as a smaller sail will limit your ability to foil.
I now have a 9.04m (up from 7.6m)  mast & the sail is now increased from 14.4m2 to 16.85m2.
So I go much faster.
I just want to go 40knts. That's all.

Modified Windrider Rave
A-Class cat


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The measurement of the foot length of the main would be most helpful, it seems to be potentially longer than most/all beachcats.

Also any thoughts by those who have sailed this design more than I have on using a right with a boom?

Jkd1000 I sent a pm just in case we can make it work. Location WA, USA

Thanks again.


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Given you are seated in a fixed position - I would not want a boom traveling over my head.... but that is just me.

I have a "beater" set of sails I might ship for reproduction, if that would be helpful.  Would have to cover costs of shipping both ways.  When I say "beater" - they are actually in reasonable shape... but not nearly new.  Not sure how I could ship such a large item........ but they are here, in Maine.