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SF Bay racing / excursion sailing
« on: March 13, 2012, 08:45:39 PM »
The Interclubs of SF Bay are moving towards allowing small multihulls in their races. Would be good to hve some 16's/17s join in.

You can read the thread here

and here>>
Interim status on Interclub voting, Si's to preview/download link :


So far no negative feedback from the clubs - just some operation suggestions around chase boat < -- > RC communications.

If there is a need for new "multihull" friendly courses somebody should start working on it. Si's are attached

Limitations are - start local can not be moved

Only fixed marks - NO required by anybody to set course marks.

I am planning to come to GGYC on Thursday evening - keep me posted on changes etc,

Best Regards,


earlier post>>
Funny you mention this..since I just got Interclub to put a proposal before the members to include WETA's, F18s and I threw in A Cats... based on looking at that boat at RYC w MAtt during small boat day

Its essentially modeled after what it took to get WETA's and F18s into the GGYC beer cans. Its what almost worked last year but we got started too late. Its essentially what I've been pitching to the WETAs and F18s. Its a stepping stone to more opportunities by leveraging BAMA as a YRA/PICYA club that clubs are already used to dealing with. Only 1 crashboat required if it covers all small multihulls- last year SCR agreed to do that. The F18s seem to have their own. Racers may belong to clubs that have them. WETAs rent one sometimes. or beg, borrow one. I can tell you that this and VHF were a huge solution in building a bridge to "the establishment". Matt also had an idea about skiff sailings RIB

This is the proposal that is out today for Interclub ( link to registration  )


We (I) have been approached by the BAMA people with the questions of what T&C would we require to allow smaller multihulls (> 14 feet e.g. F18 and Wetas) to play in the Inter Club series.

Here is my thinking:

A. Skippers must be members of an Inter Club host club - BAMA or some other

B. Skipper (each boat) must carry a working VHF radio. We could require they check in via radio (SSS does this) to make sure they have one.

C. They must provide their own chase boat to recover any who become inverted. No chase boat check in with the RC, then no start fro them that day.

D. If there are 5 or more of a given type, we would provide a "OD" start from them. If not they would start with the other multihulls.

Does anybody have:

A. Any more T&C they would like to add.

B. Any show stopper heart burn with the general idea.

Let me know before COB on Thursday - 3/15/12.

Also attached, for the review and comment, is a draft of the SI's for 2012 - there has been some SB course changes to get some more variety,

Thank you for your help.

Take care, R.. <<<

2012 Race Dates:

Now you just need to get the F18s and/or WETAs to play..or bring your own RIB


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Re: SF Bay racing / excursion sailing
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2015, 09:51:31 PM »
I'll be brutally honest.  BAMA will have to provide a rating for your boat.  Ratings will never make you happy...better off not racing, simple as that.  If you truly want to race, either find other small multi's in a local club to race with/against OR find a local beer can series that doesn't sneer at multihull inclusion.  Benicia YC is one.  Granted, most local YCs will need a rating and if you have to get one from BAMA, I suggest you just not race.  Seriously, your mental health is more important that trying to deal with BAMA.
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Re: SF Bay racing / excursion sailing
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2016, 06:56:41 PM »
If you get a group of 4-5 boats you can always race One design without ratings which is what the WETAs and beach cats do.
Ratings are not perfect but BAMA has managed to have a healthy racing fleet in recent years while others have declined. Even expanded to have a fast cat fleet for Rolex Big Boat Series and other races.