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WR 16 / Re: WR16 Mast
« Last post by huramentzefix1 on February 17, 2018, 04:59:02 AM »
thanks for the great information ricky. thanks to your manual I could see for the first time detailed pictures of the mast and boom / furling arrangement.

I found the sailmaker after searching for a rig again.

here on the island you can't get this kind of things. I am planing on bringing it down here from the US. It will not be a problem for my shipping company in miami which is called taino express.

do you know of anyone that is selling mast, bioom, sails, ... 20" or 24"?
WR 16 / Re: WR16 Mast
« Last post by Ricky on February 16, 2018, 11:38:04 PM »
The boom has a channel. If you make a round boom with no channel, you won't be able to "furl"/"reef" the sail, unless you make "reefing points" along your round boom to be able to sail with a reduced sail area. You need that if you're sailing in high winds, or most likely calm winds can turn into rough weather without notice. Just a thought.

As far as furling, the mast is heavy and furling is not easy. What I do is I "unwind" the sail around the mast, then I hook it to the boom. The boat should always be facing the wind when you do this.

While researching for replacement sails I found the Sea Pearl 21 head mast, boom, gooseneck and sail are about the same ones used on the WR 16. In other words, there are other boats that use the same size hardware which you may be able to find used on the island.

Also, if you don't know how to rig the main sheet (rope to control the sail), check out the owner's manual below. It also gives you an idea of how long your boom should be. Here's the link:

Good luck!
WR 16 / Re: WR16 Mast
« Last post by huramentzefix1 on February 16, 2018, 11:03:24 PM »
hi ricky,
thank you for your reply.I saw that the mast hole is round. but they offer a mast foot for this not so round mast and this mast is smaller than the 77mm mast hole where it goes into. I thought about casting aluminium or machining it to have the exact shape of the mast on the inside and to fit perfectly on the outside.
so the mast will be round at the bottom and fit into the hole.

I appreciate the video, I wasn't a 100% sure how it was originally attached to the mast. but the mast goes through it's pocket.
I am also not sure about how the furling works with the gooseneck-mount?

To find a (round) boom should not be a problem from what I can see. But a mast with that wall-thickness seems to be.

The 20" mast would suit me better I think for my non-existing sailing skills and the area where I am going to use it.
Thanks for the advise, I think the first couple of times I will take an electric bilge pump with me and a fully charged battery.
WR 16 / Re: WR16 Mast
« Last post by Ricky on February 16, 2018, 03:47:52 PM »
Both of the masts on your links won't work. The mast is a round tube, 20 ft (old ones) or 24 ft (new ones) long depending on sail size. You can use any mast or anything that fits in the mast hole that's either one of those sizes or anything in between. The sail slides down the mast, much like the Hobie Island or Hobie Bravo sails. You can modify any sail to work with it with a sewing machine.

In this video you can sort of get an idea of what the mast rigging looks like:

You can also see how easy water, in relatively calm conditions, can get inside the boat. Be careful when sailing in the Atlantic, especially if you're new to sailing. There are more videos in that channel showing the WR 16.

Good luck!
WR 16 / Re: For Sail: NOS WR16 Parts & Accessories
« Last post by huramentzefix1 on February 16, 2018, 02:27:50 PM »
a bit out-dated but who knows ...?

I am after a mast, boom, sail, block  rudder, tiller, foot pedals, wires.
and some more stuff. But I think this post is basically closed?

here is my email:
WR 16 / Re: WR16 Mast
« Last post by huramentzefix1 on February 16, 2018, 01:47:25 PM »
Indeed a bit old this post but still interesting.
I can't seem to find detailed information about the different options of the WR16 masts.

There seem to be a lot of different masts, or peoples tape-meassures differ?

WR16 seem to have a 18", 20" and a 24" mast. 18" and 20" is in 2 pieces, 24" is either 3 piece aluminium or 2 piece carbon fiber?

I can't seem to find the correct round tube on rigrite. I found some round tubes here: but the wall thickness is too thin.

The current WindRider 16' trimaran mast is a two part spar with an overall
length of 242" (20' 2"). The lower portion is 126" long (10' 6") tube with a
diameter of 2.5" and a wall thickness of .15" . The upper tube which extends
above the lower tube by 116" (9' 8") is a 2" extrusion with a .10" wall. The
total length of the upper mast section is 10" longer accounting for the
portion which is inserted in the lower tube. WindRider makes custom high
density plastic parts to sleeve and endcap the tubes for a very sanitary
assembly. The mast is inserted into an +- 18" deep aluminum tube extending
through a flange on the deck which is supported by an A frame below the
deck.  The boom which is 96" (8') long is a small teardrop shaped mast
section with a luff groove. Material is 6061 T6 aluminum and comes with a
black "hard coat" type anodized finish. There is a very clever gooseneck
assembly that you are probably familiar with which allows the sail to be
roller reefed/furled around the spar.

The sail has a sock luff that wraps around the spar that is approximately
188" (15' 8") long. The foot is approximately 94" (7' 10") long. There is a
substantial roach at the leach supported by vertical battens. The sail is a
rather heavily constructed, woven CYT Dacron and comes in white, teal or
yellow. WindRider's published sail area is 93 square feet.

Can someone send me a link to photos of the mast and boom, mast foot, the goosneck and how the roller arrangement works, mast guide ring, boom picot end cap, gooseneck outer ring, upper mast lower end fitting, lower mast bottom fitting, stepped guide upper mast, mast guide ring, boom, boom end cap, boom fasteners, mast fasteners & cleats, shackles & padeyes.

I need a new complete mast, boom & sail, lines ...

I am an unexperienced sailor and will be sailing the north shores of the island hispanola. the south atlantic conditions are rough and there is always a strong breeze. I am after something reliable and safe that rather not tips over the boat.

would this work?
Kenyon Spars C6-Section Mast of Inertia: Ixx (in4) .73 & Iyy (in4) .36
Kenyon Spars C-1 Section Mast of Inertia: Ixx (in4) .96 & Iyy (in4) .31

The mast step has an inside diameter of 77 mm or 3,0315"
Astus trimarans / Re: We have an Astus 20.2XL
« Last post by tpdavis on February 16, 2018, 10:14:39 AM »
Awesome deal, Frank.  Congratulations.  I expect you to enjoy it a lot on your lake.  I ran the numbers and it ought to sail similar to the Windrider 17 in terms of speed potential.  It probably will point better and be more exciting with the spin up. 
WR 16 / WR 16 & 17 Videos
« Last post by Ricky on February 16, 2018, 03:38:48 AM »
I posted some videos I shot while sailing around Florida in my Outdoor Adventures channel. Some of the videos show other boats (Hobie, Astus, Sea Pearl, etc). Nothing fancy, but hope you like them!

Good times!  ;D
Astus trimarans / We have an Astus 20.2XL
« Last post by FrankP on February 15, 2018, 04:49:45 PM »
We bought a very lightly used 2016 Astus 20.2 XL last weekend. The boat was used 4 times and we got a great deal. We sold our WR 17. I have to put on a traveler and a gennaker but I have a few months before all of the ice melts off our lake. I figure the used price was 35% of new including shipping. We got it in Missouri and drove it back to Wisconsin between snow storms.
WR 17 / Re: Couple of days at Clayton Bay South Australia with Bosun Bailey
« Last post by rceballos on February 15, 2018, 08:02:00 AM »
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